At Maxwell & Sloane we strive to provide both candidates and clients with proactive communication, competence and honest advice. We help support a number of Schools in the United Kingdom and the Middle East, by supplying Qualified and Special Education Needs Teachers and we furthermore support Paediatric Therapy Centres, with their recruitment needs in relation to Occupational and Speech therapists. By having our reach internationally, this allows us access to some of the best talent globally. With our extended open hours from Sunday till Friday, this equips us with a further edge over other agencies and helps create even more relationships with candidates and clients out there. Our success so far, has been our personal approach and ethos of Quality above Quantity.


We believe that the function of a Recruitment Agency is two-fold;

  1. 1. Provide the client a service that they could not achieve themselves.
  2. 2. The success of recruiting comes from the Recruitment Agent acting as a representative/ambassador of the company.

In defining the first point – we feel that the service we provide in relation to around the clock communication, advertising, marketing literature for the client and head-hunting the right candidates – speaks for itself. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on finding a majority of qualified and experienced candidates of motivated job-seekers who had not necessarily considered an international move or even dormant job-seekers, which of whom are not actively looking, but once introduced to a job opportunity – are open to the possibilities. This allows us, along with our database, to provide the best calibre candidates and deliver a quality service in the sectors that we serve.

To elaborate on the second point – we find that it is paramount to be fully informed on the company we work with and the role we are required to fill, along with basics such as entitlements and packages. Without important and basic information – this can become futile and time-wasting. Therefore we are selective of the clients we work with, just as we are with our candidates.


Finding a new role can be quite an exciting and daunting process. If you have been doing it for a while – it can be quite tedious, to say the least. At Maxwell & Sloane - we pride ourselves on our communication and feedback. Furthermore, we find that honest advice and clarity can go a long way. Before we put you forward for a suitable role, we will disclose all details (provided to us) about the role – so you are fully informed about what you are going forward for and this will give you the best chance at application/interview stage. We shall also give you advice and suggestions on your CV – as this can be the make or break of getting an interview request. We will then guide you through the process of pre and post interview – up till the day you have the job and furthermore check in with you periodically, thereafter. Growing relationships with people, is what makes us tick!

Our Reach

Working with partners.

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We deal with

Qualified Teachers

We deal specifically with teachers who hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and/or who have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from a varied range of subjects. We believe the inspiration and knowledge they pass on to students, is extremely commendable and we look for teachers who have a passion in what they do.

Do you know:

According to a recent IPSOS survey; Teachers are voted the third most trusted profession

Special Education Needs (SEN) Teachers

The role of a SEN Teacher is very demanding and admirable and that is what spurs us on, in helping to place them so they can deliver inclusion to Special Education Needs students. We deal with the best in the industry and we are proud of this.

Do you know:

1.2 Million or 15% of overall students in England, have Special Education Needs (Source: Department of Education)

Speech Therapists

We deal with registered (HCPC/MRSCLT) Speech Therapists who hold a Degree in Speech and Language Therapy.

Do you know:

Over a million of children and young people are affected by Speech/Communication difficulties (Source: Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists)

Occupational Therapists

We deal with registered (HCPC) Occupational Therapists who work with children that have Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury, autism, spina bifida, Down Syndrome, seizure disorders, epilepsy, developmental delay and learning difficulties.

Do you know:

Occupational Therapists were officially recognised as an occupation in 1917 – but can actually be traced back to 100 BC.

Facts about

Maxwell & Sloane



Don’t just take our word for it!

“I have never had such a caring agent, who checked up on me even after my placement, which was done in days”

- Zarina, Teacher in Bahrain

“Recruitment agents were not getting back to me after my initial conversation with them, but Vincent kept in constant contact until he found me something and even after he placed me”

- Shauna, Speech Therapist

“Being my first time going to the Middle East, never mind working there, I was provided with constant advice and support throughout the process. I started to get cold feet when the visa process had become lengthy, but I was rest assured and my needs were a treated as a priority. I am really happy with the service provided and love my new job!”

- Karen, Teacher in Bahrain

“Great Service, fabulous CV’s sent and Vincent is always available”

- Greg, Headmaster

“We were reluctant about using another recruitment agent, but could not find the right person for the role. Maxwell & Sloane listened to the criteria that we required and delivered. A diligent service that we shall be using again in the future”

- Amanda, Head of HR


Who we are.

Vincent Salih


Vincent studied Law at the University of Leeds and has 15 years worth of experience working in various business, real estate and recruitment sectors. His passion is helping others accomplish their potential and beyond and supporting to get them to where they want to be. It seemed like a perfect fit to start a business, that can help achieve this.

Jaan Ergin, MSc. BA. Hons.


Fluent in English and Turkish, with Masters and Bachelors Degrees to his name, Jaan supports the companies ICT infrastructure and offers mission-critial advice to both Maxwell & Sloane and all partners. Previous contracts include developing top-level e-learning solutions for the NHS in England & Wales, Virgin Australia, Logicalis & PaySafe.

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